Usability Certification at the UP11

Rolf Molich

Usability: How good are YOU – and We?

Dear Usability Professionals,

Please help us do a usability test of certification questions!

The UPA international and the German UPA are both currently working on usability certification. But how do they know that such a certification exam really works for the people?

In order to gain experiences on that, I have created a prototype of what certification questions could look like. This test is not part of the certification programs, but will give valuable insights to them.

Now I need your feedback as a participant:

The test will take about 1 hour. It is part of the session „Branchenreport Usability 2011“ on Tuesday from 14.00 to 15.30.

During the session we will to ask you to answer about 15 certification questions.

Then we will discuss the appropriateness of the answers and this approach to certification. The session gives you an opportunity to test your own skills and provide valuable feedback on a process that is very important to the Usability Community.


Rolf Molich

(Keynote Speaker UP11)

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